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Sunday Cat 17
Sunday Cat 17
Sunday Cat 17
Sunday Cat 17
Sunday Cat 17
Sunday Cat 17
Sunday Cat 17: Image

Sunday Cat

Trailer Sailing at its simplest

The concept of the Sunday Cat was to have a boat with the cockpit space of our current Sun Cat Daysailer but with the convenience of an enclosed porta potty area. It also provides shelter in the event of inclement weather. There is an abundance of storage space that is accessible through the seat locker hatches in the cockpit in addition to the little cabin.

The cabin is not only large enough for the porta potty and gear but there is plenty of room for a cooler. The Sunday Cat is not a sleep aboard boat but is intended to be the ultimate daysailer that provides room for all of your gear and the ability for you to have extended day sails because of the available porta potty.

The Sunday Cat boasts, as standard equipment, the newest version of our Mastendr™ Quick Rig Sailing System, the Mastendr Plus™. The Mastendr Plus™ allows raising the mast from the cockpit. There is nothing to attach or prepare. Simply raise the leverage yoke, pull the slack out of the line, and raise the mast as if it were a sail.

Sunday Cat Specifications

Length: 17 ft. 4 in. / 5.28 m

Beam: 7 ft. 3 in. / 2.21 m

Draft, board up: 1 ft. 2 in. / 0.36 m

Draft, board down: 4 ft. 6 in. / 1.37 m

Displacement: 1,500 lbs. / 682 kg

Sunday Cat 17: Inventory
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