Sun Cat Cabin 17
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Sun Cat Cabin 17
Sun Cat Cabin 17
Sun Cat Cabin 17
Sun Cat Cabin 17
Sun Cat Cabin 17
Sun Cat Cabin 17
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Sun Cat Cabin 17
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Sun Cat

A New Breed of Cat Boat

Clark Mills wanted to design a shoal day-sailer that would rig and sail easily, quickly, and comfortably as well as accommodate his family and friends. The Com-Pac Sun Cat was designed as an easily driven, roomy day boat and overnighter with a swing keel shoal draft to gunk hole along coasts and in harbors not accessible to more burdensome yachts.

Outfitted with the Mastendr quick rig sailing system and stainless steel centerboard with fiberglass trunk, the Sun Cat will provide convenient trailering and maintenance-free enjoyment.

Initial impression of the Sun Cat when on the trailer is that appears a very strong and stable boat with a very wide beam for its length. The cockpit is surprisingly large and would make a fine boat even if it was used just for day sailing.

The cabin feels spacious enough for a 17.5 footer, with plenty of sitting head room and two good size berths. It would be comfortable enough for 2 adults to enjoy an overnight, weekend or even a longer stay. Many other trailer sailers of this size fail to consider the amount of gear needed on board when going for a short cruise. There is plenty of storage in the lazarette with access from the cockpit seats as well as some storage at the end of each berth for a small gear bag. Under the companionway step there is more space for storing gear either side of the keel housing. Storage for dock-lines fenders or a fuel tank can be found beneath the tiller handle behind beautiful teak boards.

Describing how I rig the boat will actually take longer than doing it. The mast can be raised single handed- literally, it can be done with just one hand. The boom remains on the mast stump and all of the rigging remains attached and ready to go. These features are what makes raising the mast so quick. This process is not difficult or awkward and it definitely is not a chore as rigging most trailer sailers can be.

Launching and retrieving is a breeze. The single sail rigging, although quite basic in appearance looks to be too easy, and it can be. It can be as simple as sailing a dingy or the sails can be 'tinkered' with to get the most performance out of the boat with the use of the main halyard, the mainsheet, the gaff halyard, the down haul and the out haul.


Sun Cat Specifications

Length: 17 ft. 4 in. / 5.28 m

Beam: 7 ft. 3 in. / 2.21 m

Draft, board up: 1 ft. 2 in. / 0.36 m

Draft, board down: 4 ft. 6 in. / 1.37 m

Displacement: 1,500 lbs. / 682 kg


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