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News and Announcements

December, 2020

Blue Reef Yachts is once again teaming up with Hutchins Co Inc as the Australian dealer for Com-Pac Yachts. We are looking forward to supplying Australian sailors with custom built trailer sailers.

January, 2015

Tattoo 26/MacGregor 26 has stopped production.

The Tattoo factory has announced that they will no longer be manufacturing the Tattoo 26. This is an end of an era. The MacGregor/Tattoo 26 has brought a lot of people into the wonderful sport of sailing, including myself. However, not is all lost, as they will now put all of there efforts into the Tattoo 22. This is a boat that I am very much looking forward to seeing. We grabbed two T26s and these will be available around March. With the suspension of supply of boats we have temporarily closed our factory until a constant supply of T22s are available. I will still be contactable for accessories, spare parts and after sales service to our existing customers. If you are interested one of the last two Tattoo 26s, please contact us.

September, 2014

Last chance to purchase a new Tattoo 26 prior to Christmas.

With a busier Winter than expected, we only have two Tattoo 26s available that we can guarantee delivery prior to Christmas. Get in quickly if you want to enjoy your new boat during the holiday season.

May, 2014

Tattoo 26 in stock and ready for delivery

With our first few Tattoos sold, our customers are enjoying their new boats. We now have the Tattoo 26 in stock and ready for delivery. Take advantage of the strong AUD and our low Winter prices.

October, 2013

Tattoo Arrives November 11

We are looking forward to the first Tattoo 26 arriving in Australia on November 11. Contact us to come and see this new boat.

September, 2013

MacGregor 26 SOLD OUT

This month we sold our last new MacGegor 26. We are looking forward to receiving our first Tattoo 26 arriving at the beginning of November.

August, 2013

MacGregor 26 'nearly SOLD OUT'

Due to the MacGregor Yacht Corporation now having stopped production, we only have one left of the iconic MacGregor 26M. Once this one is sold there will be no more new MacGregors available. Australia's first Tattoo 26 will be arriving at our factory in November.

We are now taking orders for the new Tattoo 26. We have already started ordering stock boat and these will be available around the end of 2014.

February, 2013

MacGregor 26 to be replaced by Tattoo 26

The MacGregor Yacht Corporation will cease production of the MacGregor 26 as Roger MacGregor is retiring. The boat will continue to be built by Tattoo Yachts, owned by Roger's Daughter and Son in law. It will evolve into the Tattoo 26. Initial plans are to improve and update the interior and make a few slight changes to the exterior and possibly the trailer. They will also be introducing a 22 foot power sailer. We expect to have our first Tattoo by around mid 2013.

May, 2013

Blue Reef Yachts' NSW showroom closing until further notice.

Unfortunately, due to lack of supply of MacGregors/Tattoos for the remainder of 2013, we will be closing our Gosford showroom until further notice. Our Gold Coast factory will be continue to be open as usual.

November, 2012

Media Release

Blue Reef Yachts NSW Showroom Now Open

Blue Reef Yachts NSW is now open for business. The showroom is located at 1/26 Tathra St, West Gosford. Currently, they have on display a MacGregor 26 'Whitsunday Package' and a Com-Pac Sun Cat 17, although they will periodically change the model of Com-Pac. Inspection of the boats will be by appointment only. NSW sales representative, Len Williams, will be happy to show you the boats on display. Please phone or email to arrange a time.

Please note that Blue Reef Yachts QLD factory will continue to remain open as normal.

October, 2012

West Gosford location for NSW showroom

Blue Reef Yachts NSW will open its showroom doors for the first time on the 7th November. On display will be our 'Whitsunday package' MacGregor 26 as well as the very popular Com-Pac Sun Cat 17.

The showroom is located at 1/26 Tathra St, West Gosford 2250. Inspection of the boats will be by appointment only.

September, 2012

Gold Coast Marine Expo

Blue Reef Yachts will be exhibiting at 2012 Gold Coast Marine Expo . We will be demonstrating how to rig two different trailer sailers ready for a day's sailing. On display will be the MacGregor 26 as well as the Com-Pac Eclipse 21 and Sun Cat 17.

The show will be open Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November. See their website for opening times and parking information. Entry is free.

August, 2012

New Showroom Opening in NSW

Blue Reef Yachts is opening a showroom in NSW. Our Gold Coast factory will continue to operate as normal. We plan to open the doors in October and will have our 'Whitsunday' package MacGregor as well as a Com-Pac on display.

We look forward to providing our NSW customers with the same great service and products as our Queensland customers have enjoyed since 2007.

More information on location and opening date coming soon.

August, 2012

Creek to Coast

As part of the Brisbane Boat Show promotion, Creek to Coast ask us to supply our Com-Pac Eclipse to be part of their television series. We jumped at the chance to show off our new trailer sailer. It was a perfect day and although we only had a slight breeze, Kimbley enjoyed the morning out on the water.

The Brisbane Boat Show edition of Creek to Coast will air on Saturday 18th August and 5pm.

July, 2012

Brisbane Boat Show

Blue Reef Yachts will be exhibiting at 2012 Brisbane Boat Show . It will be the Australian launch of the Com-Pac Eclipse and Sun Cat. We will also be showing off the very popular MacGregor 26 Power Sailer.

The show opens on Thursday 23 August and will run until Sunday 26 August. See their website for opening times and transport information.

April, 2012

The Com-Pac 23 Pilot House

Blue Reef Yachts is proud to present the Com-Pac 23 Pilot House to Australia. This newest design trailer sailer, built by Hutchins Co Inc is now available to our Australian customers.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this unique sailboat. For more information click here:

March, 2012

The Com-Pacs have arrived

Our new Com-Pac Eclipse 21 and Sun Cat 17 have arrived and are available for inspection at our factory. We took both of the boats our for a very enjoyable first sail. The video is available here: and photos are available on the Com-Pac page of our website: Com-Pac

Please contact us if you would like an inspection or test sail.

December, 2011

Blue Reef Yachts awarded the 2011 highest selling MacGregor dealer worldwide.

During my visit to the MacGregor factory in California last month I was very please and proud to learn that Blue Reef Yachts was the world wide leading dealer for sales of the MacGregor 26 Power Sailer for 2011. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2012. We would like to thank all of our customers for helping us achieve this.

Media Release

October, 2011

Blue Reef Yachts awarded Australian distributor for Com-Pac Yachts trailer sailer line.

US based company, Hutchins Co. Inc., is proud to announce that Blue Reef Yachts is the Australian distributor for their Com-Pac Yachts trailer sailer line. Blue Reef Yachts will add 8 models to their fleet, ranging from a 14ft cat boat day sailer to a 23 ft cruising sloop. Blue Reef Yachts' director, Cameron Suter, is looking forward to promoting these quality boats to the public as they offer something that many trailer sailers promise, but few deliver... simple and quick rigging. Suter claims, "The Com-Pacs are the quickest boats I have seen to rig and sailors will appreciate and be amazed at the speed that they can get from the boat ramp carpark onto the water. The Mastender system is simply brilliant."

Blue Reef Yachts will have the Sun Cat 17 foot day sailer/overnighter and the 21 foot Eclipse sloop for display at their factory. Boat and trailer packages start from under $20,000. For an inspection, test sail or more information contact Cameron Suter on 0416 288 414 or at .

December, 2010

Blue Reef Yachts Moves into new Showroom.

Come and visit our new showroom. On display is the MacGregor 26, West Wight Potter 19 and the West Wight Potter 15. A range of options that we carry are also on display. We are conveniently located just off the Pacific Highway in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. If you are planning a visit, please call prior as an appointment is necessary.

July, 2010

Potter 15 Available for inspection.

Make an appointment to see this much loved pocket cruiser. This beautiful little boat is popular worldwide.

December, 2009

MacGregor 26: New canvas products now available from BRY.

Blue Reef Yachts has designed a new range of canvas products for both the MacGregor 26 M and X. We the assistance of a leading Gold Coast boat trimming company we have developed high quality canvas products that compliment the curves of the MacGregor.

In particular, the dodger is a unique design. We have tried to develop a design that makes it easy for our customers to install. It is as easy as attaching a bimini with only 4 fixing points. We have also incorporated a roll up window in the front of the dodger to allow a breeze to come through, whilst still shading the companionway and cabin. The design also allows the dodger to be folded forward or removed when not required on the water or when trailering.

After requests from our customers we have designed a boat cover for the MacGregor 26M. Using the same material as our other canvass products it will last for many, many years. The design makes covering the boat after each use easy and quick. It is able to be used with the mast up or down. See our MacGregor spare parts and accessories page for more information, pricing and photos.

Media Release

September, 2009

Macgregor Yacht Corporation appoints Gold Coast trailer sailer dealer Blue Reef Yachts.

As one of the most distinctive and versatile sailboats available, the Macgregor 26M has expanded their Australian dealer network with the appointment of a Queensland dealer. Blue Reef Yachts Pty Ltd will add this power sailer to their current line of trailerable sailboats; the West Wight Potter 15 and 19 as well as the Sanibel 18.

Cameron Suter, director of Blue Reef Yachts, owns and sails a Macgregor 26M and appreciates its versatility. He claims, “Macgregor sailboats are unique. They can be used as a traditional sailboat, however, they can also cruise at 18 knots under the power of a 60hp outboard engine. These boats also have the added benefit of being able to be trailered to some distant locations.”

The Macgregor 26M is manufactured in Los Angeles, USA. Synonymous with innovation and creativity, MacGregor Yacht Corporation has built over 35,000 sailboats. The Macgregor 26M has been in production since 2002 after replacing the extremely popular 26X.

Blue Reef Yachts is looking forward to displaying the Macgregor at the major boat shows in 2010. Cameron is excited about showing the Macgregor 26M to the public, “People that board the Macgregor will be amazed at the amount of room these boats have down below. With a queen size aft berth, a double berth forward and two good sized singles there is plenty of room for a large family or two couples. With a towing weight of less than two tonnes most family sized cars can safely tow it.”

On the water/on the road packages start from under $55,000. For an inspection, test sail or more information contact Cameron Suter on 0416 288 414 or at .

Media Release

July, 2009

West Wight Potter now available in Western Australia

Blue Reef Yachts, the Australian distributor for West Wight Potter trailerable sailboats, is proud to announce that Seagreen Marine is the exclusive distributor for the Western Australia region. Steve Green, Director of Sea Green Marine, first saw the West Wight Potter 19 at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show and immediately realised this small but seaworthy sailboat's potential in Western Australia. The Potter 19 is due to arrive in Western Australia in August and will make its Western Australian debut at the Mandurah Boat Show in October. Seagreen Marine, located in Fremantle, can be contacted on (08) 9335 4093

Sydney Boat Show

30th July - 3rd August

June 2009

Come and see the West Wight Potter for its NSW debut at the Sydney International Boat Show. We will be on display in on water mariner area. Keep an eye out for our red hull. For a small boat it really does stand out among the giants.

Whitsunday Boat Show

May 2009

The West Wight Potter was on display at the Whitsunday Boat Show at Abel Point Mariner in Airlie Beach. A great crowd was there to inspect the Potter for the first time. It created a great deal of interest and we look forward to being at the show next year.

Creek to Coast

April 2009

Creek to Coast joined us for a day on the water on our Potter 19. Watch for the segment on the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show special on Sunday 17th May 2009 at 5pm.

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

21-24 May 2009

March 2009

The Australian launch for the West Wight Potter 19 will be at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on the 21st-24th May 2009. We will have an 'on water' display on E dock (E1.1).

Cruising Helmsman

February 2009

At the beginning of December Caroline Strainig, Editor of Cruising Helmsman, came to the Gold Coast to test sail the West Wight Potter 19. Although we had little wind, Caroline was very inpressed with the appearance and performance of the boat. Have a look in the February edition for her report or find it on the Potter 19 page on this site.

Keep an eye open in the upcoming months.

November, 2008

It has been a while since Australia has seen a new small cruising trailer sailer introduced to the market. Look in the Sailboat publications, in the 'What's New' sections, for information about the West Wight Potter. There has been a lot of interest in this great little sailboat.

Media Release

October, 2008

Blue Reef Yachts introduces a new trailerable sailboat to Australia.

Finally, there is a new player in the trailerable sailboat market. Set to make major inroads into the small trailerable sailboat market in Australia, the West Wight Potter 19 is a perfect pocket cruiser for small families, retirees or individuals individuals keen on adventure.. Its safe and easy sailability make it a smart choice for the beginner or experienced sailor who wants a comfortable day sail, weekend away or even extended cruising..

The West Wight Potter 19 has set the standard in trailerable sailboats in the U.S. for the past 40 years.

The fibreglass construction with a small amount of timber trim make the West Wight Potter 19 a stylish and a low maintenance option for those who want to make the most of their time on the water.

The 4 berth cabin layout has a load of storage space and has a functional head and galley. The West Wight Potter 19 gives a stable, comfortable sail in a range of tested weather conditions. As a sailing vessel, West Wight Potter represents tradition and authenticity. It provides you that true sailing experience.

The true beauty of the P19 is that at the end of the day it can be easily trailered and towed behind a compact car.

The exclusive Australian dealer of the West Wight Potter is Blue Reef Yachts, located on the Gold Coast. To find out more about the West Wight Potter 19 go to


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